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On 12/01/03, I was presented with a contract by my employer who stated verbally and in writing that if I did not sign this contract I would be terminated immediately. I refused and was given an immediate termination letter. I then rescinded, and I signed the contract with a notation that this was done so “under duress, threat of termination and without legal counsel.” He refused this signed contract with my notation under my signature and later in the afternoon offered me the contract to sign again. I did so just to keep my job. I did not want to sign it because when I took the position I was told it was a permanent position of indefinite duration. This contract expires April 30, 2004, with no option for renewal or renegotiation. When I inquired about this he had no explanation, other than, “It expires April 30, 2004.” And it leaves the question of commissions and clients wide open with just one sentence in the contract regarding this. I believe this to be extortion but I leave that to you to officially determine.

-- Lavanah Judah (, December 03, 2003

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