Hate what they are doing to you!!!!!

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Hi Michael!

Sitting in a ráiny Sweden looking atTV. My whole family are fully aware that you're exposed to moneyhungry people....I also have slept with children..but I'm not wellknown as you are...they're just trying to get a little piece of your wealth...good how I hate those type of creatures...We all pray for you and Hope that you'll get rid of those rumors...but as we swedes say...those americans.....your society is so twisted...you can talk freely bout drugs but bare breasts!!!!! Move to Sweden... Joke But anyway we want you to know that we support you....for better and wearse (bad spelling)

Hugs from a big fan 50 years old...looking and feeling like 30

Hugs from Ing-Britt and my entire family

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2003


You are a sick, sick person if you sleep with children as your post says! Innocent children are not a playground for older men/women! I hope you rot you dirty NASTY loser! You swinepig! You are a waste of air, a waste of space and a waste of flesh! You will get what is coming to you, karma will allow it! You will one day feel all the pain you give to children! You sick bastard! And if you meant just sleep and nothing else, well i take some of my response back. But why on earth do you want to have a child in your bed?

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

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