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MAXTOR PERSONAL STORAGE (PS) PROMOTION ======================================

Acecom Technologies is having a special promotion on Maxtor PS. It is a divice that function as your computer extended harddisk space.

Maxtor PS is ideal for storing your digital photos,MP3 songs, games, and important electronic files. With every 40GB of capacity, you can hold up to: 4,000 high resolution compressed digital photos, or 10,000 four-minute MP3 tunes, or 40 hours of compressed digital video, or 100 video games. The Maxtor PS 3000LE delivers on performance as well. The USB 2.0 interface is up to 40 times faster than USB 1.1 and is backward compatible with virtually all existing USB ports. With easy installation, hot swap capability and Maxtor’s awardwinning hard drive technology, the Maxtor PS offers dependable storage for all your important documents and precious memories.

If you are interested please call 6353 7767 for Sally or email for further information.

-- Sally (, November 26, 2003

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