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Hi, I have been a fan of Mr. Jackson's since he was a little fellow just starting out. His smile and Charisma is astounding. The one thing that I don't understand is why he keeps allowing children to stay the night in his room. There are so many fortune seekers out there who are just looking for that easy buck.

I understand his love for children. They are our future! But, why leave himself open to this type of problem over and over again. I think that I would have cameras all over especially the room the children sleep in and make sure that I was on camera somewhere in the house to show that I was not with them while they were disrobing.

We all love Michael and don't like him to allow these type of situations to arise. Please ask him to be more careful and not let children of other people stay in his room if he isn't going to have everything on film. His children in his bed with him is fine. If he is sharing his bed with others children even if he sleeps on the floor or a seperate bed he needs to have proof of some sort. He is to high profile and to rich to keep making this type of mistake.I think that many people are just fortune seekers and see him as the Chicken with the Golden Egg.

I feel bad that he and his family are now again subjected to this type of misfortune. May our Father in Heaven watch over you.

Sincerely Susan

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003


" The one thing that I don't understand is why he keeps allowing children to stay the night in his room? "

...look, it hurts me to say this but I think the answer to your question is because Michael Jackson is indeed most likely a paedophile. I have been a huge fan for years and I own all his musical output - but even now I've had to reluctantly admit that things have gone horribly wrong in Neverland. Michael Jackson is so obviously a huge casualty of his own fame - let's face it people - it has detroyed him. Michael Jackson is no longer the dynamic, creative performer we once loved. He is now a whithered ghost of his former self who appears to have lost all sense of reality altogether. He appears to be a man no longer with any sense of "self" - whithered and almost lifeless. In 1993 when the paedophillia charges first surfaced I vehemently defended Michael to friends and co-workers - but now I see how stupidly ignorant I was. I agree that Michael loves children and wants to "heal the world" - and when he first built Neverland his intentions were indeed pure - but somewhere over the years Michael has blurred the line between his love for children and reality. Unfortunately most paedophiles actually profess a "love" for children and Michael Jackson is no different. People who molest children often don't realise they have done anything wrong - police are often amazed that paedophiles try to defend themselves by saying they were showing the children their "love" & "affection". I know this because I've worked on such cases. Michael Jackson is a classic case of a paedophile but unique because his activities where shielded by his massive fame.

Michael needs help people but first and foremost our children need to be protected and healed.

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2003

I kinda agree with that. He probably should to prove he never does anything. Michael needs all the prayers he can get..

GOD Bless,

~Meagan xx

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

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