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Anyone got his email address. I want to mail him my support. I dont believe any of these new sex abuse allegations. I wish thay would leave him alone.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003


Meagan The guy that has this addy michealjackson_lovesyouall@hotmail.com thank me for the halloween card. Why micheal miss his name for I dont know thats up to him how he want to spell it. If you dont belive its truley him thats up to you. ok bye

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2003

Witch Michael thanked you? The real one or this one? And why would he spell his name wrong?

"MichEAl", if you were real, you would say "no this is really me" instead of "keep your opinions to yourself".

Believe me.. I've read his letters he's left on the net before, and he would not talk like this.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

Hi meagan I've been emailing him at the one email. If its not him why did michael jackson thank me for the halloween card i sent him at his never vally ranch? bye Danessa

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

That's not him!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

Michael was that another fake email addy i've been writing to? if people knew how to read they would go to the one fan site and they'll see it. I'm not giving it out no more. people need to learn to read simple as that. I even stuck up for you when that guy was making fun of you for miss spelling your name. bye Danessa

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

Aton look for this mers my real email address.If you would like to contact me please do then you'll see his email adress :)

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

uh aton his email is posted hun look for were it says mers my email address contact me please do or something like that. why do you ask aton?

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

how did you get hes e-mail? :-)

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003

michealjackson_lovesyouall@hotmail.com write it just like that

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003

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