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To start my setup is as follows: Compaq Deskpro 2000 (wich is a Pentium 200); 80 MB RAM; Win98 SE; Windows Media Player 7.1; LG 8x4x32 CDR/RW; Easy CD Creator4 (just the Direct CD part for working wiyh CDRW) and Nero6 for everything else.

Over the years I have downloaded hundreds of video clips and I wanted to create a video cd that will start playing automatically in full screen mode with as little interaction on my part as possible.

I downloaded a program to make VCD's and ended up with two files; one with a .cue extension and one with a .bin. I don't have a DVD player but I was under the impression that I could still play back these cds with just an ordinary CDROM.

I'm beginning to think I was wrong. I have downloaded a dozen or more players from the internet to try to play back my CD but so far I haven't found one that plays back this format.

I hav been told to use 'virtual drive' programs like Alcohol 120% but these programs only create virtual drives and some with the option to make a copy but no playback options.

I have posted this problem to forums such as this before but unfortunaly I only get the same results.

NOTE: I don't want Virtual Copies nor do I want to Make a copy. I just want to play back what I have. If there is no way to playback a VCD without a DVD drive or player does anybody know how I can playback the VCD with the setup that I have.

If not, Thanks anyway.

-- Terry Hollett (, November 23, 2003


You have 2 main issues here. 1) Automatic playback. Can't help you with that, but it should be easy enough to get your files to play. 2) BIN/CUE are image formats meant to be burned to CD-R. Since apparently you have no interest in doing that, you don't really need to create those. You should be able to take your input MPEG-1 video files and simply play them using either Interet Explorer or any software DVD player. It's is NOT necessary to create VCDs out of these files unless you intend to burn them to CD-R.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), November 24, 2003.

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