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I belive That I'am being harrassed at work. Another employee That I'am going through a divorce with. Has Went up to other employees in a threating manner and asked? "Are you f-----My wife. He is constintally Lurking around corners watching me,until he dicides to say something and it starts like this: SLUT,BITCH,WHORE and to top it off he Barks at me. I went in to use the restroom and he followed me in there and contintued to call me name already stated above. I have informed my supervisor of all the incendents, on a daliy bases. Supervisor has warned the discrimpel emlopee To stay in his own work area. Yet, employ contines to come to my work area, Supervisior found him over there today and he stated to me "Quit egging him on-I said I have been in my own work area all day. -He stated Can't we all just get along. There has been witesness to every incident he has done. This has has been going on for several week. and no action has been taking by any supervisor. What can I do?

-- barb fritz (, November 19, 2003


Barb, I have read your question above, and simply cannot believe that any employer would allow this sort of thing to occur in ANY workplace. This describes the epitomy of unprofessionalism and crass behavior. Further, it is difficult to imagine where it is that the two of you are employed. You have obviously not majored in English, and it's doubtful that you (or your "boyfriend") have even finished High School. I have seen 3rd grade students construct better sentences and use better grammar with better spelling. Uncanny that you were able to get a job at all. My advice? Give the boyfriend the silent treatment. No matter what he says do not even make eye contact. Pretend he does not even exist. If he follows you into a restroom just conduct your business, wash your hands, and go back to your work area. The main thing is that he knows you just don't care what he says or what he does. Do not EVER enter into a verbal exchange with him NO MATTER WHAT. Do NOT LOOK AT HIM. No matter what kind of psycho he is, sooner or later he will stop. If he gets no reaction from you it will stop. Even if he goes crazy and causes a ruckus so great that it finally does get the attention of your employer, if anyone is to be fired, it will be him, not the girl who has tried so hard to not even look at him and never speak to him. Good luck, and take some classes at night and brush up on your writing skills--get yourself a better job so you're not STUCK like this again. Do it for yourself, and (just a guess)--your children.

-- Stacy Kittridge (, January 26, 2004.

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