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Where I can buy Cannon's digital rebel EOS 300 D cheapest? And also EOS 10 D?

ys, Vrinda

-- Vrindavan Lila (, November 10, 2003


you can search all you want - but mustafa turns out to be no more than 10 Sing dollars expensive than the cheapest you could find in singapore. you can sleep peacefully at nights knowing, mustafa products are not contraband and you can have your international warranty cards stamped ..

for 300D, the chepest is Cathay photo at penninsula plaza / marina sq. [with basic lens + body].


-- Nagi Mahalingam (, November 24, 2003.


I have Canon EOS D1s-11.1 Megapixel DIGITAL camera for sale. and i will sale it US$ 5000. if you interest want to buy my camera, please email me.


-- Rangga Permadi (, July 18, 2004.

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