Hired by the L.A. Countyand not able to start work due to a mistake the HR office made.

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Hi! I was recently hired by the LA County and my start date was scheduled for Tuesday 10/21. The Human Resource supervisor called me Monday 10/20 to notify me I would not be able to start the training academy. When I asked her why she told me that they were unable to complete my employment verification on time. When I asked her why my employment verification was not completed she stated that my previous employer had not sent the paperwork back on time. I then decided to call the HR representative at my old employer and she notified me that the so called verification letter that according to the county HR supervisor was not sent back from my previous employer had just been Fed Ex (10/20) that same day she called me. I then called her back I was furious at the fact that they were making it seem that my previous employer had not sent back the necessary forms. I called the County HR supervisor back and explained to her that what she told me was not true. She then admitted that this occured to myself and another person. Is this Legal? I also have a letter that explains the county has hired me, a start date, an office location. Is this legal?

-- Alejandra Moreno (estrellitamarinera_sur@yahoo.com), November 01, 2003

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