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Hi there, I would like to the price for IxusI and IxusII in S'pore.. Besides, do its include the SD card? How many MB is it? Thanks a lot!! Where can I find these DC in S'pore?

-- Eva Joe (, October 28, 2003



Don't buy the IXUS I. It's an incredible camera with plenty of features BUT only has digital zoom. What is the point of not having optical zoom? when u're already spending a bomb on one.

You can shop at peninsula plaza, lucky plaza orchard or funan and SLS. Be careful though, alot of aggressive sales tactics.

I'm gonna get a digital cam soon, so getting ready to trade insults.

-- disneygal (, November 05, 2003.

Hi there! Thanks for your advice! But I would like to know what are optical zoom and digital zoom? What's the different btw that?? How bout IxusII and Ixus400?? Do they have optical zoom? Thanks a lot!! :)

-- Eva Joe (, November 06, 2003.

OPTICAL ZOOM:- Is the true image and depends on the actual lens of the camera. DIGITAL ZOOM - Is only a digital interpretation of what the Optical sees (the higher you 'digitally' zoom in the worse the pic quality.

Typically you can multiply the optical by the digital zoom and come up with a total zoom 3x Optical 4 x Digital = 12 x zoom (35mm equiv 37-111)

Go for the Canon IXUS400

The higher the Optical the better. Digital is only an enhancement of the Optical.

-- Gez (, December 14, 2003.

Optical zoom is basically what your camera see's through it's lens before it hits the digital circuits in the camera.

Digital zoom is taking a snapshot of the optical image the lens see's, and then enlarging it. A bit like when you get a picture and enlarge it in your computer - you get the pixels increasing in size and squares start to show after you zoom in many times (you lose sharpeness and detail) Optical zoom you lose nothing in image quality. Bigger the optical the better :)))

-- Mike (, February 07, 2004.

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