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i am looking for a clean lab to handle my digital work. from the little i know, i thought the biggest print i could get was a 8x10. there a bunch of photographers offering 30x40 prints from a raw file. 1) is it possible? 2) if so who can do it? 3) how are they doing it. 4) is it cost effective? %) are they quality prints? if anyone can answer any of these questions, i would love to know thanx v

-- vinent apostolis (ithreephoto@aol.com), October 18, 2003


you can get digital prints of good quality, and larger then 8x10 done at www.kellards.com what i have done is called them and arrange pricing discounts on large volume, also the quality is very good, give them a try

-- leon sabel (pmtech_1@yahoo.com), January 27, 2004.

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