Wrongful termination and witholding bonuses and unemployment benifits

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After about se4ven years of working for a local co. my son who has steadily worked his way up the ranks only to find out they were going to shut down and relocate the plant to Minnisota.The bosses came to him and tried to get him to relocate with them He said he would if they up his pay. They said no and asked him to stay on till the end of Oct. to help keep the plant on schedual. He works all the overtime they asked of him and he was promised a bonus at the end if he forgo the job search till then He said ok. Then today they came in after all the catching up was compleated and told him corporate headquaters said he was late to many times and absent to often. Which is pure lies. He has bee4n late but not enough to get fired for! Not to mention all the hours of overtime he put in and now they told him he was fired and couldnot have the bonus they promised him. He was suppose to get it a the end of the month He fullfilled their orders and got their work all caught up now they are going to deny him his bonus and unemployment insurance too! Is this legal does he have any recourse against them????????????????

-- LORI STRAWN (jandj7677@charter.net), October 03, 2003


First go back to school to learn how to write. Then complain.

-- robert smitty (smittyr@urd223.org), May 07, 2004.

does he have any of this in writing ? if so he has a case - either way in re: to the unemployment insur - if he is denied - he simply has to appeal - unless the company can show written cause that he was repremanded for for this issue( i believe its 3 times ) -the unemployemnt will be given to him - furthermore there is usually state agenices that will assist - if not check w/ a wrongful termination lawyer - they may be able to assist- good luck

-- andrew (ripperz69@hotmail.com), October 29, 2003.

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