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Dear anyone who knows more than me, After issuing a sarn to the Abbey i have had a reply. It reads as follows:- "The information provided to date is insufficient to enable me to access any details for you. I have therefore attached a copy of our SAR form which i would ask you to complete as fully as possible and return it to me at the above addreee. If you dont recall an account number it may de useful if you could provide an address for where you were living when the account was being used".

In my request letter to the Abbey i made it quite clear what I required the SARN for and quoted the address of the property that was repoed so what are they talking about. The form they mention wants our address and telephone number and all previous addresses, all of these were also in my letter the only thing i didnt supply was the 10 fee as i didnt know how much they charged. They have also attached a fact sheet regarding data protection. Have they lost the plot? Although if i reply by letter (which thes site suggests)its is stalling them but i honestly want to sort this matter asap. (they have said the info could take 40 days) Has anyone got any advice?

-- deddie dibble (, October 03, 2003



Take a look at my posting of 28th July 2003 entitled "How Long - SARN". (don't forget to send the 10 fee). If I were you get advice straight from the horse's mouth by emailing Lee Gardiner Information Commission Compliance Officer at

Please let me know what he says, thanks.


-- M Amos (, October 05, 2003.

Stalling tactic on their behalf - they tried something similar with me

-- Freddie Flintstone (, January 05, 2004.

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