DVD player freezes on image..

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Hi, i have a Koss KD-260-2, and it stops on image/freezes by it self about 3- 4 times during a movie.. why does it do that, should i have it checked or replaced? what about hacks or firmware, would it help?



-- Jean-Marc Philion (moijaiunchien@sympatico.ca), September 20, 2003


Have been told that DVD players use a buffer to store disc data in before it reaches your screen. Why? Who knows?

ANYWAY, when the buffer does not empty as fast as the data comes into it, the picture may pause or even drop frames until there is enough room in the buffer to accept more data. Sort of like you can over-flow a sink by running water into it faster than the drain can let it out.

Some players have a bigger buffer than others so this happens less with some players and more with others.

Or so I've been told.....

But I STILL don't know why tere's a buffer needed in the first place.

-- D. V. D'er (here@there.com), September 26, 2003.

Yeah, i guess that's right.. i changed my player anyhow..i went for a sony the new one doesn't do it , it does it only when there's a layer change

the buffer, if it works like a computer.. it's a good thing that it's there.. it keeps the CPU going at full throtle.. and creates a perfect line of continous info for the TV.. it helps, lets say if you have a scratched disk, or if the info on the disk is massive.. then the buffer empties until the point where it cant work and you see the info direct from the disc.. sort of like a 45 sec. anti-skip cd player.. if you shake it for more then 45 sec.. it skips.. cuz the buffer cant do its job..

that how i understand it..

thanks for the info..


-- Jean-Marc (moijaiunchien@sympatico.ca), September 26, 2003.

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