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I am working on Fuzzy PI for power system stabilization (the tuning a PI controller using Fuzzy logic). I have some serious problem. If anyone has some material, plz write me at emm1097@umoncton.ca. I need to know the methode to be used and the steps to follow in order to get a good Controller whose gains (proportional and integral) would not be constant but can vary or be tuned. Thanks a lot! John Masiala

-- John Masiala (emm1097@umoncton.ca), September 09, 2003


Hi John,

I am currently studying in Australia, Melbourne. Iím currently in my final year and hence working on a final year project with a team of dedicated members. Our project topic is very similar to yours. We are investigating the principle of power quality improvement by reducing certain unwanted harmonics using the principle of fuzzy logic and neural networks. I am sorry to say that your problem is beyond our expertise. However it would be greatly appreciated if you can help us with a minor problem. We are seriously struggling to find demos that can be simulated on Matlab to show power quality improvement using a fuzzy controller. If you have any information regarding our concern please feel free to email me.

Best Regards


-- Chris K (abbs1@optusnet.com.au), September 15, 2003.

Hai You can take up the pre determined values of Kp and Ki and create a look up table and load them into DSP. The value of Kp and Ki can be estimated or varied according to the input command and error.

-- Vivek Rao (venkobaraovivek@rediffmail.com), December 15, 2003.

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