Turning a Twin

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My wife and I are expecting twin girls in October. At 28 weeks, one baby is vertex and the other is breech. While we know that a c-section is a distinct possibility (or even a probability), we'd like to increase our chances for vaginal delivery of both twins. Is there anything we can do to encourage our little breech girl to turn around before it's too crowded in there to move around?

-- Rob Slemmons (rob.slemmons@mail.sprint.com), August 14, 2003


Rob - I have an accupressure book at my office that addresses this breech concern. There is a pressure point on the little toe that is supposed to help this baby turn into the head-down delivery position. However, I do not believe they mention it in relation to twins. I'll get back with you when I can get specifics from the book.

Do twins usually develop in these opposite positions? And if so, is it possibly because it's a better fit, like a pair of shoes in a shoebox? It would be very interesting to know if after the vaginal delivery of the first head-down twin, this little toe pressure point could be utilized for the turning of the remaining breech baby.

-- C. Davis, RMT (rmtcld@aol.com), April 09, 2004.

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