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Last week I was suspended from work for making a joke. A co-worker walked by me and stated "if that boy were in a fire he couldn't get out to save his life" I seen the boy walking by and stated back " hey do you wanna test your thery? Fire" The boy left. Now me and my friend are susspended. The boy is back to work no one has asked us what has happened or givin any reason. Can some one give some advise please.

-- Ginger Barnes (, August 02, 2003


Depending on what state you reside; your employer has the right to hire/fire you "at-will". This means that you can be let go with out explanation or warning, regardelss if you were a good employee or if they just don't think you are working out.

-- Jennifer (, January 13, 2005.

I would think that kind of goes along with the "bomb threat" theory

-- Tania (, January 08, 2004.

This is in responce to my prievious post. People at work have now been told that I have been fired which is news to me as far as I know I am on sussension. I also have been employeed with this company for 5 years with perfect attendance and no write ups and recieved employee of the month. There is supposed to be an investigation going on, but they have already hired someone to take my place. I was not given a written warning or anything. Can some one give me some advise please?

-- Ginger Barnes (, August 03, 2003.

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