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-- PATRICIA WILSON (MAUDDY2244@AOL.COM), August 01, 2003


Hi, I had a question for you.  I was adviced to do a little search so here we go. I am 36 week pregnant, am giving birth in Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan NY and was looking for a non-certified, volunteer or low cost doula. So basically I am looking for either someone to please provide me thier services for free or at least for less then $200.00. If all goes well I want to have a natural birth with as little drugs as possible. Also I'm a single mother to be and I'm sorry to say but I don't think my family or friends can give the the type of support needed for childbirth. So with only a few weeks left to go I am getting very nervous, anxious and basically scared. So I hope you can either help me with your services or at least reffer someone to me who might be looking for this type of work/project.  If you are not able to help thanks any way and I totally understand.  Please e-mail me back with any info at and type DOULA in the subject. Thans for your time and good luck with your new practice, Linda Arellano

-- Linda A. (, October 11, 2003.

We offer low cost doula's at the NYC Volunteer Doula Program Contact us at or call Rachel at 917-362-4005

-- Rachel Zaslow (, October 22, 2003.

i work in a hosp. and i work in labor/delivery.i helped someone with lamaze breathing and did a great job and i would love to he;lp if i am available.i also live near beth israel hosp.i really do not have any certifacation but planning on looking into it in the future.if interested e-mail me.when are you do?i gave birth without any meds.i am a middle age mom and i am very nutoring.also very resepted in the hosp.

-- beverly shamah (, January 23, 2004.

forgot to mention that i would help for little money we can talk.

-- beverly shamah (, January 23, 2004.

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