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I am planning to climb Mont Blanc in October this year. Is it feasibleto do this in that month? Also, what huts will be open then?


-- Jim (, July 28, 2003


It is feasible, but conditions are quite tough this year. The traverse from the Refuge de Cosmique is more difficult because of a steep section crossing the bergschrund on the Tacul. I prefer this to the Gouter route, because it avoids the danger of the Gouter Couloir (falling rocks). The Gouter Hut gets too crowded too. But in October, it will be calm on this side, and the cooler weather should make the couloir safer. The days will be quite short by October, and it will be very cold at 5000 meters!

The Cosmique will certainly be open...

-- Hans Solmssen (, August 02, 2003.

What about the Grand Mulets Route? What will that be like in Oct?

-- Jim (, August 05, 2003.

I wonder. I guess it will depend on the weather this fall. If we get a little snow, it could get quite tricky. The "Junction" will be very open (crevasses) by then, and fresh snow would hide those holes. I think I would go from the Comique or Gouter...

-- Hans Solmssen (, August 05, 2003.

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