PI controller design using microcontroller 80196

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i am doing my project in current control strategy for brushless dc motor using microcontroller 80196 .i need a pwm generator to trigger the switches of inverter.PI controller is also required. please mail me some details about this.

-- indu rani (b-indurani@hotmail.com), July 22, 2003


I'm doing my project in frequency control method for ac induction motor using 80196 mc for generating 3ph pwm please mail me som detail about how do i generate 3ph pwm using 80196mc. sincerity your's

-- A.Maleknia (maleknia_57@yahoo.com), August 11, 2003.

if u read the application note of 8096 datasheet no:intel ap-248 file name using 8096, 27006102.pdf from Intel...there is discussion about hsi and hso...these are the best possible features to generate pwm for 3 phase or single phase pwms. for further details and assembly code u can contact to my id... because i have done my work on it.... about pi controller one solution is

y(k+1) = y(k) + kp * E(k+1) + k2* E(k) where k2 = kp * (ki/kp)* Ts

where Y(k+1) is present output y(k) previous output E(k+1) present error E(k) previous error kp prop const ki integration const Ts sample time.... the code for this is also available with me....

-- Bhaskar Reddy (to_bhaskarreddy@yahoo.com), September 06, 2003.

details about 8096 microcontroller architec,details programming logic,how projects in brushless dc motor using microcontroller interfacing technic,how projects developed ect

-- c.ravichandran (raviraj_karkan2002@yahoo.co.in), October 09, 2003.

80196 has inbuilt pwm signal generation. you can generate PI controll using OP AMP based circuitry

-- pawan anil kapoor (pawannkapoor@yahoo.com), February 08, 2004.

I have a question for you; I want to build a minimum system by 80196 I search about this case. I want a minimum system by 80196 that can control dc motors I need schematic of that board. please guide me. I'm hassan,I am a student Of electronic. thanks.........

-- hassan baradaran (h_baradaran2002@yahoo.com), May 21, 2004.

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-- hahahhahaha (doitonurown@gmil.com), January 06, 2005.

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