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Where do I begin? Placed in a situation that resulted from the accomplishment of supervisor by discriminating,harrassing,violation of civil and employment rights, written and enforced by/of Civil Rghts,Employment Laws,Hour and Wage and so forth that I know it was not right in the companys way of termination after 3 years of employment while in consideration for a raise meaning (at will employment rule) cannot apply right? But theres more to it where I want to file a complaint against The employer,regional manager,and especially the supervisor who went behind my back in search of personal info who was supplied to by another coemployee who had no reasons of and certainly no RIGHTS of providing such info that i didnt even know she knew about.An incident since NOV 2002 offsite,off the clock (VACATION),never interfeared with my Job in any way till just recently,when i asked of demotion to previous position held which luckily at the time, it was opened and offered to by other supervisor who would like for me to return and work for him. Basically Iam in desparate need of help and there is still more to all this ...requiring knowledge of employment laws criminal and civll rights

-- Andy.S (, July 18, 2003


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G. Cunningham

-- Gerald P. Cunningham (, July 21, 2003.

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