2003-2004 Booster News

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Hello, I hope everyone had a great summer as well as survive the rain and heat. It's almost time to get started on a new school year of academics and athletics once again. My name is Angela Floyd, I'm Anthony London's mother. I am the new Booster club president for the 2003-2004 school year with co-president Lisa Curry who is Anthony Edwards mother. I need to get your schedule if you have them and a rooster. On your rooster notate your senior players for recognition of senior night. I'm looking forward to this season and look forward to working with all of you. I will speak to the spring coaches in January of 2004. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

If you have any questions please email me of reach me on my cell phone (404)312-4852

Thanks again

-- Angela Floyd (mygreatson611@yahoo.com or thxlrd2002@aol.com), July 15, 2003


Hope everyone had a great summer, school has started and now its time to get busy with school activities. First, I would like to Thank everyone who help last year with the Athletic Booster. I am informing everyone that I am know longer incharge of the Athletic Booster for Grady High School. This was taken over by Anthony Johnson (Anthony Johnson's father 10th) and Kim Echoles. If you have any question or concerns they meet every Thursday at 7:00pm in the school gym. Enjoy the 2004-2005 High School year. Its been fun and a great experience. Thanks for the opportunity.

Good Day

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), August 10, 2004.

Good Day all, As you are aware this is my last year at Grady High School. The position of Athletic Booster President is open for anyone who feels they have something to being to the table of Athletic. Please inform me of if you are interested in this position. Lisa Curry will still be a parent at Grady but it is to my understanding that she will not be participating in the Athletic Booster any longer. So that is two positions available. She was my Vice President. I'm not sure about the other positions which is John Holly - Treasure, and Mary Beth O'Donnell as Secretary. Again, if anyone is interested please inform me. Thank you for all the support that you gave me with this position. I know I overlooked a lot of things but. My time became none after I started this position. Good Luck in the future with the Athletic at Grady High School.

Thanks again,

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), May 14, 2004.

To all senior parent of the Baseball team. Please attend the game. We will have our Senior Event after the game today. Please try to attend to support you senior Baseball athlete. The game is at 5:00pm the presentation will follow the game. The game is at our Home Field which is Kennedy Middle School. Hope to see you all there.

Thanks for a great supportive season.

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), May 03, 2004.

This is the second reminder. The Grady High School Athletic Banquet is May 14, 2004 at 6:00pm at the Holiday Inn Select in Downtown Decatur. The ticket are $16.00 each. The atletic are free but MUST register with Ms. McNew so they can get a head count. Please get your tickets as soon as possible. The deadline to purchase tickets is May 10. You can purchase tickets from the school in the office or have you student to locate Ms. McNew. Please make a note of this information.

Thank You

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), April 30, 2004.

This is a frendly reminder regarding the 2003-2004 Athletic Banquet. Please remember to have your athletic register with Ms. McNew. They must register if they will attend the event. Also, Coach Slade would like to get a count ASAP. Please try to get to make your purchase for your tickets by Wednesday May 5, 2004 if at all possible the inital deadline is Friday May 7, 2004. The cost of the tickets are again, $16.00 for everyone attending. Again, all athletic attending must register.

Thank you in advance

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), April 29, 2004.

Hello, The baseball game today has been cancelled and will be played tomorrow Saturday April 17, 2004 @ 12:30pm. See you at the field.


On a different note. The Grady "Grey Knights" Athletic Banquet for the 2003-2004 school year has been schedule for Friday May 14, 2004 from 6:00pm til 9:00pm at the Holiday Inn Select located at 130 Clairmont Ave in Downtown Decatur. For directions (404) 371-0204. Tickets for Athletes are FREE but they must make a reservation and secure a ticket to attend. Parents and other tickets for guest are $16.00 each. Athletes that are not attending must make it known also. They need to give a count. If reservations are not made there will not be enough food to go around. Tickets will be available in the main office, from Mrs. Mc New on the following dates: April 23, 28, 30, May 5, 6, 7, 10, 11. Tickets are CASH ONLY!! Please mark you calanders for this event.

Questions please email me.


Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), April 16, 2004.

Good morning, the game for today has been cancelled due to the condition of the field. It will be reschedule along with the Pace Academy game at a later date. The next scheduled home game is Friday against Crim at 5:00pm. Have a GREAT week.


-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), April 13, 2004.

Hello all, hope everyone enjoy the break, I know the kids did. However its back to reality. The season will start up on tomorrow with the panthers of Therrell High School. I'm going to take the liberity of saying that tomorrows game will be at Kennedy (Old Price) at 4:30 reflecting back to the APS schedule. If any changes I will notify you. See you there.

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), April 12, 2004.

Baseball parents the game from yesterday will resume today at Washington High School at 4:30p(aroundabout). See you all there.

All parents please see me at the game for schedules and I need phone, and/or email for future notification.


Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), March 03, 2004.

Hello, Today is Tuesday March 2, 2004. Not sure how many this will reach, but todays Baseball game will be at Washington High School instead of the old Price Middle Field not known at Kennedy Middle School Field. If you know of a baseball parent please inform them of this change. The time is schedule the same.


-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), March 02, 2004.

It's that time again, the winter sports are well on the way and coming to an end. Senior Knight will this season become senior day with the last game being on a Saturday February 7, 2004 @ 2:30pm at Grady. Please have your senior athlete for winter sports (basketball, basketball cheerleader complete the bio sheets again, which will be in the main office on Monday January 26, 2004 and turn them in to Miss Ross.


Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), January 22, 2004.

I need to get the names of the band/danceline senior. Please forward this information to me. ASAP I am in the process of trying to getthe programs together for Senior Knight. If anyone have this informaition please forward it to me ASAP.


Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 12, 2003.

Yeah,Yeah, the Knight Cards are in!!!The Knight Cards are in!!! See any Football or Baseball player for your knight cards. They are hot and have new vendors participating this season. The cost of the cards are $10.00 so lets support the Football and Baseball team. You can also see me or Coach Millen. My sells go to my son so you can see me if you don't have a football or baseball player.

Thanks in advance

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 10, 2003.

Football direction for this weeks game to Union Grove high School. Union Grove is located in Henry County. The address is 210 East Lake Rd. McDonough, Ga 30252

Take I-20 east to Wesley Chapel Rd Turn right off the ramp goto next traffic light which is Snapfinger Rd turn left proceed on Snapfinger Rd which will become GA-155 continue all the way out about 10 miles (guessing) to you get to East Lake Rd. Turn left on E Lake Rd the school is on Left.

Hope to see you there

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 06, 2003.

Revision, The meeting is next Thursday November 13, 2003 at 6:30pm

Thank you

Sorry for mix up.


-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 06, 2003.

This is to notify all senior Fall athletes parents. There will be a MANDITORY meeting on Thursday Nov. 12, 2003 at 6:30pm SHARPE in the gym. This meeting is to discuss/practice the walk with the number of participants the we have this year. The Senior Knight. This meeting is very important and requires everyone in attendance who will participate in the senior knight recognition.

Thank you

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 06, 2003.

Hope everyone enjoyed the great weather this weekend. Congrats on the homecoming victory this past Friday. There is very important game on Friday at The Union (Grove)the game is 7:30pm. Union Grove is located in Henry County. If any one need directions I will post them by tomorrow. Come an support the Grey Knight. We still have a GREAT chance to take Second place in the Region and gain Home field advantage. So, show you Knight Pride and yell ... GK... GK... we all we got!!!

Thanks Angela

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), November 03, 2003.

Hello, I am planning to be at the school on Thursday Oct. 30 during lunch to sell the new/latest Grady Knight T-shirts, pom pom and other items for the homecoming. If anyone is interest in puchasing a shirts please come by the main office lobby from 12:30-1:45pm to pick up your shirts. Don't forget to decorate your cars, make banners, and other spirit items for Homecoming. Lets show our Knight Pride by supporting the Football team dispite that dreadful lost on Friday, it was not the guys FAULT.

See you on Thursday

Angela Floyd Athletic Booster Club President

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), October 27, 2003.

Monday Sept. 15, 2003: This is a reminder of the Tailgate event this Saturday Sept. 20, 2003. We will start at 1:00pm and rollover into the Varsity Football game. We are asking everyone to get together and bring a picnic for yourselves. The Athletic Booster will have things for sale such as: Grady Items, hotdogs, nachos, fish???, candy, soda, water, etc... for those that will be coming back from other sports event away from the school. Also, it the student wanted to make banners, posters for the football game and also decorate their cars, this will be fun. We have also hired a DJ for this event. So, come out and ming, hang, socialize and just plan have fun and remember.....GK... we all we got!!!!! cause nothing else matters.

See ya there

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), September 15, 2003.

The Grady High School Athletic Booster Club is asking that during Senior Knight this year that the recognition be cut short. This year there are 20+ seniors on the football team. With this many half-time will not be long enough to recongnize all fall sports. Last year the football team was penalized for taking up too much time and we don't want this to cause us a chance at the playoff. So this year we are asking the other fall sports elect a senior knight from their schedule to recognize their seniors and on Senior Knight for football that the recognition is only for football, cheerleaders, and the band members (including dance).

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter

Angela Floyd

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), September 11, 2003.

The Athletic Booster Club is planning a tailgate event for all interested Fall Sports Team or Clubs on Saturday September 20, 2003 @ 1:00pm which is before the Varsity Football Game @ 4:00pm. If you are interested in participating please respond back to me by Friday September 12, 2003. Each team can creat a sign/posters/banners advertising their sport. This will give us all a chance to meet and greet each others that we don't know. We are asking all Fall teams to participate. Come out and show your support by representing your team sport/club. If you have any questions please email me at thxlrd2002@aol.com.

Thank you

Angela Floyd Athletic Booster President

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), September 05, 2003.

Calling all athletic parents, calling all athletic parents, I know this is last minute. If at all could you please help. Grady High School Booster Club has been awarded the Concession Stand on the Visitors Side of the field for the Scrimmage games on Friday which is tomorrow. The proceeds will all go to the booster. I need non- football parents to come in around 7:00pm to releave the football parents so they can watch their kids play. If you are available please let me know via e-mail today or early tomorrow or by phone. My cell number is 404-312-4852.

Thank you in advance

Angela Floyd Booster Club President

-- Angela Floyd (thxlrd2002@aol.com), August 14, 2003.

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