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I am the "acting" Secretary at my job and I have having problem with the custodial staff at my job. Two of them in particular are really a problem. If I ask a question, in the realm of "doing my job" one person takes it back to the others as if I am questioning whether they are doing their work or not.

Someone approached me today and asked me if I made "remarks" about them doing their work...I addressed the situation with that individual, but I am tired of this kind of "childish" behavior coming from a group of adults.

I wanted to know if there was some kind of "harassment" issues I could bring up. I don't really want to get anyone in trouble, but I don't think that I have to deal with this type of "tense" environment here at my job. This type of interaction with the custodial staff brings about extra stress during the course of my day.

I try my best to maintain peace at all times, but sometimes enough is enough.

What can I do to let them know that I don't have to tolerate their behavior and that something can be done about it...if at all anything can be done.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

-- Tonya Beaman (, July 09, 2003

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