Fuji 120mm film developing - where?

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Can anyone recommend a good place for Fuji 120mm film development?

-- ady (lostsoul89@yahoo.com), July 09, 2003


You can try Konota at Peninsular Plaza. Or you can locate RGB at Beach Road - they offer good pro services for 120 film.

-- Obrag Aterg (obrag@post1.com), July 14, 2003.

Thanks. I'll give Konota a try.

-- ady (lostsoul89@yahoo.com), July 16, 2003.

i went thru the older list... and found that there's this place called 35mm Colour Lab Pte Ltd.

its supposed to be at the 2nd Ave Junction, off bukit timah road...

can i also add... how much does a roll of 120 film costs... and what's the typical cost of developing a single roll? (how many photographs can be taken with one roll?)

i've never used a 120 film before... so i might make that a new thread to ask...

-- kairin simo (kellempxt@gmx.net), July 17, 2003.

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