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Is it possible to be married by the Byzantine rite if she is Byzantine Catholic while he is not even of a Christian faith?

This question disturbes me greatly, and it would put my heart at rest if I were to know the official answer.

Thanks, -Don

-- Don Aldrich (, June 27, 2003


Dear Don,

Yes it is possible to married in any of the Byzantine Churches or the Roman Church when the marriage is between a Catholic and a non- baptized. However, a dispensation from the Bishop is required (from "Disparity of Cult").

-- Fr. Mike Skrocki, JCL (, June 27, 2003.

Thank you for the prompt answer. I have discovered the name and location of the appropriate Bishop.

Also, I have done a bit more research on this and found some wonderful information. Most notably sections 28 & 29 of the "Dialoge and Proclamation" ( nts/rc_pc_interelg_doc_19051991_dialogue-and-proclamatio_en.html).

Is there any other information (either useful or cautionary) that would be wise for me to know?

I appreciate any and all assistance in this regard!

-- Don Aldrich (, July 02, 2003.

Don, here is a link to that Vatican page on interreligious dialogue and the proclamation of the Gospel.

-- J. F. Gecik (, July 02, 2003.

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