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Yes it's true, i do have MJ's phone number, but unfortunately i cannot give it out due to trust reasons with the person who gave it to me. Yes i have treid ringing, but many times the phone line has bee nengaged, but i will keep tryingin!! I am also in the process of getting his email address. I am a major fan of MJ and all i can do is say, keep looking and good luck!! :)

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2003


Hi........I have michaels number too.....Same here its be ringing but the line has been nengagged....I also is lookin for his email address....If ne one is wanting his number then im willing to give it to him as long as u do something for me.......It wont be no money to pay me back with it will be something to send to me over email.....So if u are interested in having his number then email me at or if see if im on my IMing me on AOL IM at mjacksonfan15360....thank u very much for readin and have a nice mj fan day cuz i am MJs fan for life even when dead or/and till death do me and him apart.......

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2003

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