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Hi Everyone:

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not posting a new message with regards to my independent study course (ISC). It technically ended in April but seems like it just finished yesterday.

One of my final duties was to write an Executive Summary detailing all of the tasks that I completed this year as well as what I learned as a result of my ISC. I submitted a thirteen page summary at the end of March to Professor Israelite. What's funny is that I also did a lot of work after I submitted the summary so it's missing several components. I e-mailed the summary awhile ago to Paul and he indicated that it was "very interesting reading."

I'm not going to replicate that summary here as it is too long. I'll only share the highlights. The Catherine Frazee public lecture on disability and euthanasia held in February was very well received. It also resulted in the publishing of a blurb that I submitted to YFile,(the Department of Communications Daily Bulletin) describing the significance of such an event in raising awareness of critical issues within disability studies.

On March 13, 2003 I organized a seminar and panel discussion for Neita's undergraduate class whereby a York Alumnus who works at the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT) was invited to lead a seminar on the core programs of CILT and the independent living philosophy. His seminar was followed by a panel discussion whereby he was joined by a recent York graduate and a current student to share their personal experiences of independent living.

Then on March 20, 2003 I organized another seminar and panel discussion for Neita's undergraduate class whereby members of SexAbility, a peer counselling program for youth and young adults with mobility disabilities, lead the class in a seminar discussing issues related to disability, dating and sexuality. After an hour and a half session, the seminar was followed by a panel discussion featuring several York students with disabilities who shared their personal experiences of forming relationships.

Then on March 27, 2003 I organized and participated as a panellist in a panel discussion on disability and education for Neita's graduate GS/EDUC 5920U 3.0 course. This panel discussion was with respect to the educational experiences of York students with disabilities here at York and elsewhere.

In other news, Neita begins her sabbatical on July 1, 2003 and Georgina Varga graduated on Monday June 16, 2003 with a double-major in Psychology and Law & Society.

Please accept my warmest good wishes for a happy and healthy summer.

Michael Miceli

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2003

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