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Jacob posted the following message a little while:

"By the way I'm enrolling in Psyc 3030, for September. Helen was saying that she took the course about 3 years ago. Any tips for me? Would a serious review of Psyc 2020 during the summer be a great advantage, what parts of this course would be more linked to Psyc 3030? Anything you want to add Helen or anybody else, would be much appriciated. Take care everybody, and you'll hear from me soon." -- Jacob (, May 08, 2003.

The course was very challanging and demanding- but also very 'do-able'! I think that reviewing the material from stats 2020 would be very helpful. Focus on the concepts rather than memorizing steps (you get 3-4 pages for a cheat sheet that you can bring wiht you to exams). Also review some algebra (i.e., solving equations, etc...). 3030 is a lot of math !!!! Brush up on your math skills.

When i took the course we had 5 asst's and 2 exams each semester. So there is a lot of work. The asst's are very helpful and a good practice for the exam. Also, Dr. Friendly will provide you guys with practice exams or questions. Do them!!! They will also help for the exam. And one last thing, take advantage of your TA and the professor! they are there to help you guys, and they will help. Do not however leave questions to the last you work as schedulled and try not to fall behind.

That's all i have for now. Good luck! If you have any other specific questions, now or when the course starts, let me know.

Take care, Helen

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2003

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