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No matter what his personal faults are, his songs are great and he has a great heart. Even though some fans act insanely, people who ditched him the the wake of "new" reformations are plain idiots. He has done a lot of things to improve the life of the poor people and children in africa. He has also worked hard to bring the picture into others' minds. People who shout "oh the poor soldiers are not in ac rooms, oh they don't have 5 star meals, oh they are far from the richest country, oh they don't have enough oil, oh they can't see wmd, oh they should kill more" etc, who call themselves patriots but are really blood thirsty morons who act as government puppets should look at the videos made by jackson and listen to his music. Look at the people - fellow human beings - our brothers and sisters suffer without food and shelter, and perhaps when this ditching and hunger for blood and wmd would end. Those fans loyal to him deserve special credit, because they stood by him loyally while other morons who showed their true colors search for more "entertaining" things like blood and gore, and music which has no sense.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2003

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