Discrimination or unlawful practice in regards to promotion.

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I work as a contractor for a company, within the boundaries of the contract with the company I am contracted with they have a stipulation in the contract that as a contractor I am unable to apply for any positions within the company I am contracted for. I would consider this a cut and dried statement, however, I have had two colleagues apply for and granted interviews for a position within the company being contracted for and one of them offered and accepted the position. In my view this sets a precedent that while, yes, it is stated in the contract it is also not a hardset rule and can be worked around. I recently applied for a position within this same company and was contacted by Human Resources that it was not possible to apply for the position due to my being a contractor with the company. I asked about the colleague and how she was able to get a "work around" and the response was, "the process was too far along to do anything about it" ??? Can this be done lawfully. I live in Atlanta Georgia.

-- Daniel Nero (cubster@cubster.com), June 17, 2003

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