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Dear all,

My girl friend has been seeing someone else for the past four years or so. And we have a joint-named house and two kids under 16. I am the main bread earner of the house and pay all the bills and mortgage. Now she wants a separation and asks me to sell the house so that she can get her part of the money out of the sale. I turn her down on the basis that I want to live with my kids in this house. Then she goes to see a solicitor and tries to get a court order to evict me out of the house.

What shall I do? Get my own lawyer?



-- John Lee (gaoshiban@hot.mail), June 14, 2003



You need a solicitor if she has a court order to evict you. What would her grounds be for eviction?? As you are not married custody etc of the children and the children needidng somewhere to live with their mother is very complex.

If you have receipts and any proof of paying bills, mortgage, furniture etc get these put in a safe place now (ie give them to your solicitor). If your girlfriend is being malicious she might get rid of them??!

I don't know much about this type of thing but I do reckon you need urgent legal advice.

The citizens advice bureau will also give you impartial advice re eviction but they won't likely be able to help you with the custody issue. As you are an unmarried father of the children I doubt you would obtain full custody of them (adultery on your girlfriends part makes no difference regarding this).

If you have joint credit cards/bank accounts etc contact the lender/bank now and advise them of the situation (just in case your girlfriend decides to go on a spending spree as you would still be liable while the account is in both names)

If she has a court order to evict you you should also consider contacting your local council with a view to re-housing, just in case!

I don't know if I've helped you much but I hope at least you will realise you have to act urgently, to ensure you are treated fairly.

Good luck! I hope things work out for you.

-- moira (, June 14, 2003.

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