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Hi all!

Well, winter is settling in down here in Oz. Yes, we have winter here and it's freakin' cold! Hardly any of the homes in Melbourne have heat, so we freeze our buns off down here! brrrr!

What's up you ask? Well, my PhD thesis entitled "When Adoptees Become Biological Parents: their issues, thoughts, and feelings" has been approved by the human ethics I am on my way to becoming Dr. Morgan!!! Gee, I never thought I'd even get into York, let alone travel around the world to do a PhD!!

I'm enjoying it down here, although it has been a stressful transition. It's extremely hard to be an international student that can never return home to visit! ergh! However, I will be returning to my native Brampton, Ontario, Canada in August 2004 because I'm in a, not mine...

I've also been a TA for the first year level psych students at The University of Melbourne (my new home), which has been interesting. I've had a lot of students asking about Toronto and Canada and what it's really like all the way up there. In fact, I'm even dating a guy who has never seen snow! haha... We're heading to the ski hills in August, yes we have ski hills here too, and I'm going to TRY and teach him how to ski. haha

I finally got to take a look at Paul's photos! Very nice! I even recognised a couple faces...Michael Marder and Helen! Glad to hear you two are doing well! Michael, are you still contemplating coming down to Melbourne?

Anyway must a busy bee! I hope life is treating you all very well, and I look forward to seeing you all sometime again in the future.


-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003

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