Underwater Housing/Casing for Nikon 5700

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Does anyone knows where I can get a underwater housing/casing for Nikon 5700? I know ikelite has it but it cost US$950. Ouch! That's too costly. Does anyone knows a cheaper alternative??

Cheers, Simon.

-- Simon Kwek (wipeout26@yahoo.com), June 04, 2003


You can get an Ikelite for about $750 if you search the net. Still cheap. If you find one cheaper than that I would be interested myself.

-- (nodoubtalso@yahoo.com), January 12, 2004.

Actually, I ended up buying a Ricoh 3G with Sea & Sea DX-3000G housing instead. DX-3000G is available in Taiwan and Japan. So I get Sea&Sea Singapore to order it from Japan. The Ricoh camera cost S$460 and DX-3000G cost S$580. So it cost just above S$1000 (about US$600). Not manual function like Nikon 5700 but the macro is 1 cm and the focusing speed is fast. Check out some of the underwater pictures I've taken in Palau Tenggol and Similan Islands at http://www.icisic.net/gallery. You may notice a shadow in the pictures. that's because i do not have a strobe and using built-in flash. With the strobe, this problem can easily remove.

In the recent trip, I met one guy who has Nikon 5700 and Ikelite housing. He wasn't so happy about it because it takes a while to focus and before you know it, the fish is gone. The macro function is not great but because of its high resolution, you can zoom the picture to give you a great picture. I look at his picture and I must say that I am not so please with the picture taken (maybe it's just the photographer...)

-- Simon Kwek (wipeout26@yahoo.com), January 12, 2004.

no clue why some people are happy with irreal prices: the caplio G3s (with magnesium housing) is available at EUR 210,- (at least in Austria), and the DX 3000G housing should not be more then EUR 300,- (if I caompare it with the factory housings from Canon, Casio, Pentax, Sony, Olympus....); that means, a serious price for the combo would be EUR 500,- to 550,- !!!; otherwise the better deal would be a Canon Coolpix A80 (4 MP) + factory housing, together ~ EUR 550,- (if you search a bit)


-- Heinz Rotheneder (biodieselat@slovanet.sk), February 08, 2004.

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