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Dear DCC Board Members -

Is is possible to wire Atlas HO snap switches for remote switching using the feed off of a Prodigy DCC system? Meaning would it be the same wiring as illustrated in their [Atlas] switch instructions?

And if so, could I wire this all using the ACME lighted switch controllers (the ones that have a green and red bulb) to control those switches?

Please help and...

thanks for your time -

mike webber

-- michael webber (, June 02, 2003


My immediate response is no, not the way I think you are describing - power from the DCC bus and control through a pushbutton. I am not familiar with the Prodigy system, but assume that switch control would be accomplished through a stationary decoder that is capable of handling solenoid switch motors. The motors would then be controlled through your throttle by addressing the specific switch address. I believe that I have read that some stationary decoders are also capable of being wired to accomodate push buttons, but I don't know if the Acme buttons are compatable. Of course wiring for both throttle and pushbutton operation means doing a lot more wiring since you have to have wires going from the decoder to the pushbuttons for each switch.


-- Charles Lewis (, June 03, 2003.

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