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hi, i just wrote a letter to michael and i was wondering whether any of you who also wrote to his neverland address ever ever ever got a reply from michael himself or his staff?

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2003


What's the adress to hes neverland. I love him so much if somebodey got it please send it to me

Love Ingvild

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2003

I am going to write to him soon. But i have heard his guards read his mail befor him and only give him the messages they think he will want to read. if you send him different leters mabey the guards will give him one of them. I asked some people the same question and some have taken mounthes for a reply. you can trie e mailing him.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2003

I meant likely.is that how you spell it?

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2003

what song?

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2003

i love that song

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2003

not likly.

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2003

I also wrote to his Neverland address...and I havent received a reply...but there is a reason for that...it's not that he doesnt want to read the letters. it's because he is very busy, and you people have to understand that...he cares about us all, and I'm sure our letters will get a reply sooner or later...just remember...KEEP THE FAITH!...just like Michael said in his song "keep the faith"

I love you Michael!

Lisa Riccardi

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2003

i wrote about 3 months ago and i'm still waiting for a reply.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2003

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