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Hello! Does anyone know a code for the Philips DVD 612, so that I can play VCDs with it??? Please!!!

-- Bieny (, May 19, 2003


Look at the DVD Player Compatibility List at People who own this model have reported problems with VCD playback that firmware upgrades were able to help with. There does not seem to be a code that affects VCD playback. After reading some of the comments, you might want to see if you can get your money back and buy another player. If not, I would suggest you call Philips and complain and see if they can help you get a firmware upgrade.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 19, 2003.

I have the Philips Q35 And love it.. To play SVCD I turned off the "PBC" feature and all is great.. Try that//

-- Becky (, June 25, 2003.

You do not need a special code to play VCD's. The Philips DVD612 should play VCD's automatically.

There seems to be a code to enable the player's hidden MP3 feature though. For those interested, that code is: PLAY 159, 028000128256, PLAY. (I tried this, but it didn't seem to work for me. It just seemed to have reset all the menu options to theit default values.)

This particular model (the DVD612) seems to be rather sensitive to scratches and dirt on the disc, so make sure that your VCD is clean.

If the player often stops in the middle of a track, and can't be restarted without ejecting the disc or pulling out the power cable, you are just as much out of luck as I am, I guess, because this seems to be a frequent problem with the DVD612. :-(

If none of your homemade VCD play, you might want to try a different brand of CD-R(W)'s, because even though most brands seem to work fine, some don't.

About the PBC setting (mentioned in another reply):

If PBC is switched 'on', the DVD612 will show the VCD's menu, but it won't display the playing time. If PBC is switched 'off', the first video clip on the VCD will automatically be played. In that case the menu will be skipped, but the playing time will be visible.

For Super-VCD's (SVCD), PBC needs to be switched 'off' to avoid problems with FF/RW (i.e. "|<<" and ">>|").

-- Shady (, November 28, 2004.

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