where to get black and white films developed?

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where is the best place to get B&W prints developed

-- steven cresswell (steven_cresswell@i2.com), May 18, 2003


Steven, So far, I have tried a couple of places. Colorlab at Adelphi and Fei Fei Photography at Hong Lim Complex (Next to Chinatown Point). Colorlab is much slower, taking about 1 week to process. Prices for 3R and 4R are the same (at bout 50 cents per sheet). Fei Fei is faster, taking 2-3 days (but 4R is priced $1 and 3R at $0.50) and there is no index print. Would recommend Colorlab if you are not in a hurry. Good Luck.

-- Loke W F (lokewf@yahoo.com.sg), May 25, 2003.

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