Hey att Michael fans I have a chat room called MICHAEL_JACKSON_1

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hey Michael jackson fans I have a chatroom called MICHAEL_JACKSON_1 ok typ this in your yahoo seach box or any search box www.chatuniverse.net ONLY hit #1 hit chatuniverse were it says feature chats if you are on pc hit the pc version if on webtv hit other one. scroll down til you see pirch hit that and download it and save it on your desktop. then it will ask you to install it hit install. when you save it on desktop hit icon hit the x or the ok hit login fill in the 2 nicks then hit connect. it should bring you to the chatuniverse chat room look for channels in small word. after you hit connecet it will bring you to a page it will say irc.chatuniverse.net then you nick hit the word channels the list will come up. Or type /join #MICHAEL_JACKSON_1 it will bring you to that room.it doesnt matter what age you are you all are welcome to my chatroom bye for now DANESSA

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003


hey Danessa i didn't know you were here whats up!

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

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