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Hello List,

I am trying to understand the PI control System.

+---------+ Set Value ---->(+)---Error--->| PI |---Control----> Present Val-----/ | | +---------+ Control = Kp x Error + Ki x Integral ( Error )

What is the uniot of Control? Let us assume,

Set Value => Voltage Volts Present Value => Voltage Volts So, Error => Voltage - Voltage Volts

Integral is Area under the curve. In time, we have Volts on Y axis and Time as X axis, So the unit is Volt Sec.

Can we add quanties of different Units? ( Volts and Volt Sec )

Kindly Clarify.

Thanks and Regards, - Ravi

-- Ravi Shankar Kashi (, April 27, 2003


i think it cannot be added . but first we have to take a laplace transform then it can be added

-- navneetkumarsingh (, July 18, 2003.

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