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I am looking for a climbing partner, for the next couple of months.

I am arriving in Nairobi in 2 weeks time, and am keen to get out and climb, either on local crags or up to Mt Kenya for a weekend.

If anyone is interested please drop me a line.

Many thanks.


-- Ed Meaby (, April 22, 2003


Dear Ed,

To find a climbing partner, the best thing would be to come to the MCK and take out temporary membership (which costs Kshs. 1,600/- and is valid for 3 months).

Most of us work (well, we HAVE to) so we can only make it out on weekends. However, there are a couple of students who can sneak out during the week.

Enjoy your stay in Kenya. Cheers.

-- Charles Rethman (, May 06, 2003.

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