Where can i buy lomo?

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I am interested in lomo, and would like to ask where i can buy the lomo camera and the film. And do i develop the photos in normal shop?

-- Fionn (i_want_mayday@hotmail.com), April 21, 2003


I know Fotohub at Bukit Timah has some very simple lomo. Otherwise, you can check out Fotoguide, Cathay Photo (both at Peninsula Plaza), or John 3:16 (Funan Centre). I don't know if these 3 shops have lomo, but they may have some info, even if they don't sell lomo. After all, these are amongst the better shops for camera sales.

I guess Fotohub should develop the film, since they also sell the camera. You can check them out.

If you are Singaporean, you can call 1900-777-7777 to check out the phone no. to these shops. Do tell me where you eventually bought your lomo, lomo film and develop them. I'm not a fan of lomo, but I thought it would be interesting to know more.

All the best. :)


-- Colin Yeo (yeocw@singnet.com.sg), April 21, 2003.

check out lomography.com for all things lomo. YOu can also always pick these up on ebay from time to time.


dig it.

-- drew (drewsta@talk21.com), April 25, 2003.

hehe... thanks for ur replys..

I will check it out... Really amazed by how lomo work...... hahahaha~~ Interested to tell me how lomo works

-- fionn (i_want_mayday@hotmail.com), April 26, 2003.

if you're referring to the lomo lc-a of lomography fame, Dinky Di Store at the collyer quay sells mid 1980s made in the soviet union. last i knew, they were going for $120. but be prepared, the lc-a tends to get a sticky shutter. mine had the same fate, it's lying around collecting dust now

-- terence (sojourner@scribble.nu), April 28, 2003.

Hello.. I have a LOMO that I would like to sell. Please email me for more details. Thanks!

-- Rev (revered@singnet.com.sg), April 28, 2003.

Brand New Lomo LC-A Camera. Made in 2003 Only $125 www.rugift.com

-- Anatoly (sales@rugift.com), August 01, 2003.


If you could go to http://www.lomography.com , proceed to the heading "Shops"..

At the page of "Shops", you would see on the left navi bar, bottom, the terms "Global Shop Locator"..

Scroll down to Singapore, and you would see all the places in singapore that goes lomo, and i do believe the info u need can be obtained by them.. =)

-- Viviana (chiroptera_is@lycos.com), August 06, 2003.

Lomographic Society Singapore. Ffurious 32a Sago St S'pore. (Around Chinatown)

-- david (davidloo13@yahoo.com), November 02, 2003.

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