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Hello All, Could someone update me price of Olympus C5050 camera in Singapore or Kulalumpur? I do see the same question asked and answered in Dec 2002. But, I'm sure there would be a considerable difference in price since then.

Also, if I buy this camera in the US, would the warranty be valid in Singapore?

Thanks, Ganesh

-- Ganesan Rajaraman (, April 19, 2003


I am not sure about S'Pore or Malaysia prices but I tell you about Dubai, I paid 2330 Dirhams for 5050z and another 600 dirhams for acccessories such as 512MB CF card, battery charger, rechargeable batteries. I am now looking for the following accessories in Malaysia:

1. FL-20 TTL flash 2. Tiffen Lens Adapter Tube No OLYC3000AD 3.Olympus 1.7 Teleconversion Lens TCON-17 4. Short Course Book on 5050z by Dennis Curtain.

Can anybody assist.

Thanks Shabbir

-- Shabbir A Chowdhury (, August 22, 2003.

The standard retail price in HK is about HK$5500. Singapore is simialar. I would think that Malaysia will not beat these 2 places.

In Singapore, you can get a live quote from:

-- Alex (, October 14, 2003.

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