Where is best place to purchase Sony DSR PD150P in Singapore?

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I will be in Singapore in a months time and am looking to buy two new Sony DSR PD150P videocams. Can someone please advise me who to contact.Thank You.

-- Jonathan Rundle (rundlejk@mweb.co.za), March 19, 2003


Why don't you consider a Panasonic DVX100. It is a 25P CCD and have a cine gamma function that gives you a film look. You can pick up in Sim LIM tower from shopd like haichew

-- Max Kang (sekhing@cyberway.com.sg), March 23, 2003.

PD150 is no longer in the market. The new PD170P is now sold around 6K. However do check with rumours about flaws about sound with the PD170P. You can start with shops in Sim Lim, then move around resellers in Peninsula or even High street. Good Luck.

-- Adam (hmmahathir@msn.com), January 08, 2004.

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