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Hello! I am not a doula but eventually going to seek certification. I have attended many births at the hospital with some moms though and have helped support them. I work in an obgyn office with one OB and two CNM's. I am a childbirth educator and teach infant cpr classes. My question is one to help ease my own mind and get a better idea of what doula's do and how they think before I get my certification. I want to know people's views of home births. I myself am not a homebirth advocate but most of the doula's Ive run across seem to be pro home births and many were very against hospital deliveries. Could you please send me your views just so I am a little more well informed. Thank you!

-- Eryn Nickerson (, March 15, 2003


What do you want to know about homebirth? I had both my babies born at home with a doula present.Do you want to know why a birth professional would support/advocate home birth? Do you want to know about safety and benefits? Let me tell you my experience. I became a doula because the 2nd birth I witnessed was the most empowering, beautiful experience I ever witnessed: first-time mom, sexual abuse survivor giving birth out-of- hospital, howling, on her hands and knees, totally OWNING her birth... When she 1st invited me to her birth, I was apprehensive because it wasn't in the hospital - I thought that was where you were supposed to "be delivered". I did not know a thing about normal childbirth. I did not know that just by walking into the hospital, a woman only has a 75% chance of giving birth vaginally, and 20% chance of giving birth without drugs, not-to-mention all the other routine interventions (AROM, IV's, EFM's, etc.). And I had no idea why a woman would want to give birth without all that stuff - until I witnessed it with my own eyes. And I was SOLD. Please read up on it. Henci Goer's books are absolutely a must read if you are going to be a childbirth educator or doula - OBstetric Myths vs Research Realities, and The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth are the titles. The first childbirth book I ever read was Childbirth Without Fear by Dr. Dick Grantly-Reid (or Grantly Dick-Reid?)... If you are afraid of birth, you must read up on it. Also, check out forums and just lurk for awhile under there homebirth forums. From your bio it sounds like you are surrounded by the medical model of birth. If you do allwow yourself to explore alternatives, the stuff that you read will challenge your beliefs and ideas about birth - no doubt about it. If you do so, you will find that the research is overwhelmingly in favor of homebirth in terms of safety, outcomes and satisfaction. But for the vast majority of people entrenched in the medical model of birth, scientific research is not going to convince them - actually nothing will. Keep that in mind.

I wish you much love and an open-mind on your journey. Lesley

-- Lesley Nelson (, April 08, 2003.

I have had 5 children so far and am expecting #6 in 9 days. My first 3 children were born in the hospital. My first 2 were extremely difficult labors and deliveries. My 3rd daughter died in delivery due to doctor's error.

I was so nervous about home delivery thinking that I must be "high risk" and all that stuff. But I was more terrified of the hospital. I had a great midwife who listened to me and really didn't take risks. We have had 2 boys at home since then and it was a much better experience than with my girls. We are expecting #6 and are planning a homebirth.

I don't want to give the impression that I hate hospitals because I don't, but they are for emergencies. They are a very necessary part of the community. But homebirth is really a safe option. Research a little and you will find very positive news about it.

~Sjona ~Helping preemies transition from the Womb to the World. Maya Wrap Slings & Pouches, Nursing Pillows, Mommy things, and more...

-- Sjona (, September 11, 2003.

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