Where Is Fuzzy PID Controller Tutorial Available?

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Hi, everybody, I am looking for an online fuzzy PID controller tutorial, hence I seek for your help.

Anyway, I am a control systems engineer and interested in advanced control systems design and simulation, as well as image processing. So hope to keep in touch with you!

With Kindly Regards,


-- Theron C Farrell (farrell@sh163.net), March 04, 2003


analisa algoritma elektrical contoh : transformator

9 September 2003

-- dodo (empu@mailcity.com), September 09, 2003.



Plz enter the link given , it will give some infomatin and tutorials and practical implementaion also.

-- SOMA SEKHARA RAO KONIJETI (somu_konijeti@india.com), February 23, 2004.

hi, i'm a post graduate student. i am also looking for an online fuzzy PID controller tutorial for my final year project. hence, i seek for your help.


-- derrick (hkngow@hotmail.com), December 21, 2004.

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