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As a world or as this world, rumors, accusations and assumptions are spread. They flood people especially which such popularity such as Michael Jackson, It only takes one terminal deciated irate person to dent such mass fame. Michael Jackson just like everyone else in this world has a life of their own. This world invades his each day daily in and out. The endless criticism, judgements and stereotypes are all due to the fact that what people do not understand, they know nothing else but to criticize. They fill Michael Jackson with mockery beyond belief. He is drenched with an enormous amount stress and pressure everyday of his life/his career. When will this world dwell on more serious logic subjects to dwell on rather than dwelling on one's person's life other than their own?

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003


u go girl, im totally on your side and agree with everything you have said, i support what u say and always will, michael jackson leads a life like no other, but he has alot of talent and cofidence which he is able to show us, many many people take an advantage and try to humiliate and discourage all the work which mj has done, What i don't understand is why people get so jelous of this one man's lifestyle and his career, although i've just turned 13 i hope this get out to everone, including the jelous I LOVE U MICHAEL J JACKSON AND I WILL FOREVER THINK OF YOU AS THE WORLD'S HISTORY PRESENT AND FUTURE'S MOST FAMOUS IDOL/MAN IN THIS SMALL WORLD.... GOD BLESS YOU @-',--

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2003

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