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Black Cloud, Black Cloud black clouds: black clouds: I hope thats you coming down, ERITREAN where all to be proud, my people still suffer they suffer so loud, Imagine seeing death as a incdent child, they have little health,and so little dream back and fourth hell and between,31 years by anymeans god bless thier hearts there souls where clean.

blackclouds: blackclouds: will we every be found, 7years of striaght peace it's to good as it sound, changes in history are allways being made, cents turns into dollars, like sun turns to shade, buggets are being funneded,for food reliefs & AIDS as I read the headline on the cover page, lets thank the politician for geting there way, THE RICH GET RICHER AND POOR FADE'S AWAY

Thank you Yonatan Assefw Minnesota 612-661-7614

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2003

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