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I just saw for the first time an interview with Michael Jackson and they were telling him that it wasn't good for children to sleep in the bed Only people with sick minds that are thinking sexual just like Mike said are the ones where the children shouldn't sleep in "their" beds. When you are pure of heart and intention there is nothing wrong with it, actually that is why we have such "hard ass" kids with no feeling because they are never shown compassion and love in a nonsexual way. I pray for Michael. He will always get blasted for helping children. It happened to me for helping a young student of mine I taught at a modeling school. I too love kids and especially the ones who hurt emotionally. I too got blasted for trying to be there for her. But you know I love Jesus too, and he said that many will lie and say bad things about those who will follow Him and try to love the way HE LOVED. Not the way the world loves. The world loves everything in a perverted, sexual way they have been doing it so long the worldly people think it's normall. My dream is to go to Mexico and grab all those babies of the streets who are fighting for their lives and build a home for them where they can atleast not worry about going to sleep and maybe not waking up. If anyone knows anyone that could help me do this feel free to email me. Michael Jackson would actually be the perfect person. We have all the 'save the planet', save the whale, all these different save organizations--Let's have SAVE THE CHILDREN ORGANIZATION AND LETS DO IT NOW!

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2003

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