What it normal ?

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The question i would like to put forward is what is normal?

the reason i would like toa sk this question is because after michael jackson said he lets children sleep in his bed there have been a lot of bad comments made against him mostly "it is not normal for a man of 44 years old to let children sleep in his bed" So i would like to know what does this society accept as normal?

Is normal when your mum and dad both have full time jobs and they hardly get time to see you never mind give you love?

Is normal living with your mum only, because your mum and dad have split up and you only get to see your dad on a weekend basis,ect.Why is it normal to be brought up by your mum only but not your dad?What if your dad could take better care of you than your mum could?

Is normal living in childrens homes because your mum and /or dad don't want anything to do with you why does society except that?

Is normal when your mum and/or dad have drinking and /or drug problems and they don't care where your are ,when you will be home, what your doing ,who your with (that's why children grow up to be murderers,thiefs,druggies,drug dealiers,ect)

Instead of these things being made normal in our everyday life why should we not have normalto be a man/woman of any age giving as much love to children as possible to help them become the very best in life.

Michael Jackson gives love to children who don't get love at home, if this includes sleeping beside them or in the same room as them to make them feel secure then so be it because i have absolute trust in michael jackson and if i were older and had children that were lucky enough to go and stay with michale in his home i would let them.If michael invited me to hius home i would go no problem.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2003


You are very right. If other people in this world could be as open- minded as you then evry one could see what we do in Michael Jackson.


-- Anonymous, February 16, 2003

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