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(Michael originally posted this as a response to my posting about the difficulities in creating long messages. I think this message should stand on its own as a separate posting, so have moved it here. PH)

Hi Everyone:

Since I discovered the problem with Lusenet with regards to posting length, I thought I could write a very brief synopsis of my December 2002 posting. Apparently, I must be verbose in that I re-wrote it three times and it was still too long. I e-mailed Professor Herzberg a copy of it after the fact. It currently remains in limbo. A possible solution may be forthcoming.

After the cross-disability simulation and panel discussion of York students with disabilities, the students had to complete a Barrier Diary whereby they had to document all of the barriers that they experienced. This was part of their assigned course work on which they were graded. Barriers were not only limited to physical barriers but also attitudinal and technological.

It was very interesting to read all of them especially those in which the experience had a strong emotional resonance. After everything, Dr. Israelite and I evaluated the experience for future classes and we determined that it is very beneficial in terms of raising awareness.

I have a major role in terms of course content and direction as I am responsible for the organizational structure of the Winter portion of the course. I'll describe my role in more detail in my next posting.

If anyone would like an e-mail version of my December 2002 posting I have given my permission for Professor Herzberg to e-mail it out accordingly.


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

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